Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi 110001.



No.34-31/2000-SEA                                                                     Dated: 30th January 2001.



  1. All IFAs of Telecom Circles.
  2. IFAs of Metro Districts.
  3. All IFAs of Telecom Factories.
  4. IFA, Mumbai/Calcutta/New Delhi/ Chennai.
  5. IFA, Mumbai/Calcutta/New Delhi/ Chennai.
  6. IFA, Task Force, Guwahati.
  7. IFA, Telecom Stores, Calcutta.
  8. IFA, Railway Electrification Project, Nagpur.
  9. IFA, T&D Circle, Jabalpur / QA, Bangalore.
  10. IFA, RABMN Data Network, Noida.
  11. IFA, NCES, New Delhi.
  12. IFA, Telegraph Check Office, Calcutta.
  13. IFA, BRBRAITT, Jabalpur / ALTTC, Ghaziabad.
  14. CAO, ITI (Bills) Bangalore.




Subject: - Functions of DOT cells.


Detailed functions to be performed by the DOT cells was issued vide OM No.34-31/2000-SEA-I DATED 28.9.2000. The functions of DOT cells now stands revised. The revised function of the DOT cells are enclosed in Annexure-A.


This issues with the approval of Member (Finance)


Encl: As above.



Director (SEA) DOT.

Copy to:

1.Sr. PPS to Chairman Telecom Commission.

2. Sr. PPS to Member (Finance)

3.DDG (LF) instructions regarding item No.8 will have to be issued by LF section.

4.DDG(WPF) instructions regarding item No.11 will have to be issued by WPF section.

5.DDG(Accounts) instructions regarding item No.13 will have to be issued by DDG(Accounts)


7.Director (FA) / Director (LF) / director (TA-I) DOT.





1.      Pension and Retirement Benefits: The pension cases and other retirement cases will be processed by the SSAs of the field units in BSNL sent directly to the DoT Cells. DoT Cell unit will issue PPOs and the authorities for DCRG, Commutation payment, family pension authority, authority for payment of the accumulation CGEGIS 1980, CGEGIS 1977 , & GPF final payment authority to those on deemed deputation to the BSNL and also for those who opt to get absorbed in BSNL. The audit of the pension vouchers will also be done by the DoT Cell unit.

2.      Pension Contribution: Under Rule 37 A of the CCS Pension Rules the Govt. will make arrangements for the collection of Pension contributions from the BSNL for the period of service the employees render in the BSNL. This will apply not only to those officers who are working on deemed deputation basis in the Corporation but also to those employees who opt to get absorbed in the Corporation. DOT cell will undertake collection and employee wise scrutiny and monitoring of amounts received on this account from the corporation.

3.      GPF Accounting: DoT Cell unit will maintain employee wise GPF broadsheets in respect of employees working in BSNL. Amounts collected and amounts paid out of the GPF accounts in respect of the employees working in BSNL, will be settled and taken to the Govt. head of account through DoT Cell.

4.      Recovery and accounting for HBA and other long term advances like MCA, Scooter advance etc taken by the employees while working in the Government: Recovery particulars in respect of such loans and advances already taken by the employees prior to corporatization will have to be intimated by the BSNL to the DOT cell and amounts adjusted through the DOT cell account.

5.      All claims of Government against the BSNL and those of the BSNL will be settled in cash. The BSNL circle Hq will submit their claims giving full details to the DoT Cell unit. All claims will then be scrutinized and settled by the DoT Cell unit under the Govt. rules.

6.      LPCs: On transfer of an employee from one BSNL unit to another the DOT cell will be required to workout on the basis of the LPCs outstanding balances due from / to the employee to/ from the Government and advise the respective BSNL unit appropriately. In effect the LPCs will be routed through DOT cell in the event of transfer from one BSNL unit to another BSNL unit, from DOT to BSNL, BSNL to DOT etc. to verify the correctness of entries therein.

7.      Settlement of outstanding balances under remittance and suspense head before transfer of firm figures to the balance sheet of the corporation: This will have to be done by DOT cells in collaboration with the BSNL. There are large adverse balances in the transitory heads as on the date of formation of BSNL. This will have to be settled through active pursuit and monitoring by the accounts division of the DOT HQ and the DoT Cell with the BSNL units. Similarly, accounting under other debt, deposit and remittance heads will also have to be handled by the DoT Cell in collaboration with BSNL. In respect of debt and deposit heads, some of the transactions between BSNL, MTNL and DOT will continue for some time. As far as telephone revenue is concerned a huge amount of nearly Rs.3000 crores was outstanding as on the date of creation of the BSNL. For clearance of this amount and taking to the final revenue head of BSNL, the DOT cells will render assistance in pursual and collection.

8.      Collection of license fee in the form of revenue sharing from various operators on behalf of the Government: This work will be done by the DoT cells. Detailed instructions and modalities related to this work will be issued by DDG (LF) DOT separately.

9.      Telecom Service Tax collection: To ensure collection of Government dues and crediting of the same in Government account through appropriate heads, the DoT cell will also monitor / oversee the collection of service tax from the telecom service providers.

10.  Wireless Monitoring Organization: The budget, finance and accounting functions of the WMO will be handled in the DoT Cells.

11.  Spectrum Charges: Realisation and accounting of revenue in the form of license fee and royalty for use of spectrum will also be handled by DoT Cell. Detailed instructions and modalities related to this work will be issued by DDG (WPF) DOT separately.

  1. To take over unused chequebooks from the circle Hq and keep them for safe custody.
  2. Budgeting, accounting and DDO functions of DoT Cell:The DoT Cell will also submit a monthly Circle Abstract to DOT headquarters in standard TACT package, within the 7th of each month. Detailed instructions on budgeting, accounting and DDO functions for the DoT Cell will be issued separately by DDG (Accounts) DOT.

14. Any other item assigned later on.