Wireless Finance Division of DOT Headquarters, New Delhi.

WPC Wing of Department of Telecommunications, New Delhi.

Read Articles:

 1. Introduction to Wireless Planning & Coordination And Wireless Monitoring Organisation.

 2. Frequency Management for CDMA based mobile telephone service and Spectrum charges.

 3. Overview of Frequency Spectrum Management.  

 4. Liberalization and licensing.

 5. Issues in spectrum allocation and pricing in India.


See Power Point Presentations.

 1.Decentralised functions of LF.

 2.Licensing Finance in Dept. of Telecom.

 3.Evolution of Licensing Finance Functions.

 4.License Fee ---- A relationship with the Ministry of Finance.

 5.Licensing System in DoT and the role of CCA office.

 6.Licensing of telecom services.

 7. Role of TRAI on licensing issues.

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